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Having a physical examination is something you might need to do for a number of different reasons, from taking out life insurance to getting the all-clear to play on a sports team. Whatever your reason is, the experienced team at Passaic Medical & Wellness in Passaic, New Jersey, can help. If you’re looking for health care experts with considerable expertise in carrying out physical examinations, call Passaic Medical & Wellness today or book your physical using the online tool.

Physical Examinations Q & A

What are physical examinations?

Physical examinations are a thorough review of your health and well-being. Your provider at Passaic Medical & Wellness looks for signs of poor health or disease and runs tests to check your body’s internal functions. Doctors usually recommend you have a comprehensive physical examination at least once a year.

An annual physical examination is a good way to ensure you’re healthy and pick up any early signs of disease. You might need to undergo an annual physical for your job or insurance purposes, or it might simply be for your own peace of mind.

What reasons are there for having a physical exam?

In addition to the annual preventive care physical exam, common physical examinations include:

  • Employer drug testing
  • Pre-employment physical
  • Insurance physical
  • Executive physical
  • Camp physical
  • School and sports exam

You also need to have a physical examination if you drive for a living. This is known as a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical, which you must pass to get medical certification enabling you to drive a vehicle commercially.

What happens at a physical examination?

The specific procedure for your physical examination can vary according to the reason why you’re having a physical and any relevant information in your medical history, for example, a family history of specific diseases.

A physical examination at Passaic Medical & Wellness typically starts with a check of your vital signs, which include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Temperature
  • Reflexes

Your provider is checking how alert you are, how well you move, and how you react mentally and physically. They’re also looking for any signs of health problems, for example, dry skin, rashes, or trembling.

They listen to your heart and lungs to check for any abnormal sounds or rhythms, then go over your body in more detail, looking at individual parts such as your eyes, throat, lymph nodes, teeth and gums, and feet.

Your provider also takes blood and urine samples to check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and look for signs of infection or nutrient deficiencies. They might want to see diagnostic imaging test results such as X-rays or CT and MRI scans as well.

Screening for conditions such as cervical cancer or an enlarged prostate can also form a part of a physical examination if you’re due for these tests or haven’t undergone screening yet.

If you need a physical examination, the team at Passaic Medical & Wellness has extensive experience of carrying out a full range of physicals. Call today to arrange yours, or book an appointment online.